My Story For YOU To Relate 

The money was not the problem, I was. In denial, I pretended I was OK but I wasn't.

I was a yoga teacher, at the peak of my career when my spending problem took root. I'd turned to yoga to re-shape my life after a tough time growing up. And so life was going well for the first time ever, when suddenly tradegy struck. The picture above is me back then.

"Ann Carver has valuble experience of what it is like to worry about shopping and spending too much. She also has interesting ideas about how we can control our spending impulses. Improving public understanding is Ann's starting point"                              _ Simon Crine Director Mental Health Policy Institute
Case Study
Before the course
Nothing would change. Being out of control. Anxious. Fearful of the future.
I have the power to help myself. The course massively helped. I keep all my receipts, I budget actively, I save first, I think before I spend and stick to my red dot budget. I respect my hard earned money. I am dealing with my issues. _Anon
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