'Money Mindfulness Financial Workplace Education'

                             Problem = Too Much Month, Not Enough Money 


Workshops and Talks enabling staff to become conscious of unconscious spending habits, that can up add up to a small fortune. Re-capturing control makes home deposits, pensions and more asset aspirations affordable. Money Mindfulness appreciates that there's often not enough money, but equally we live in a culture where it's so easy to waste more money than we ever intend.  The Money Mindfulness Kit is the tangile product that helps savvier spending habits to be adopted. Contents: distraction band, focus sticker, receipt pocket, pen and strategy. Text Tactics are sent direct to participants mobile phone for 21 days, these consist of quirky quotes and tips to remind and inspire thoughts of change. These accompany the workshops.


Professional and personal pressures for staff can cause depression, anxiety and stress. The comfort spending habit has become a coping mechanism, that results in debt plus the initial problem remains unaddressed. Money Mindfulness is complimenting conventional methods of money/debt help by focusing on helping the person manage.



 93% of people suffering depression increase their spending in

periods of poor mental health.  The Money and Mental Health Charitiy


5 Key Learning Points of Workshops

  1. Adopt better spending habits daily with our bespoke system approach.
  2. Transform poor money mind-sets to achive your home, pension, whatever.
  3. Create a vision to help staff focus daily.
  4. Budget in a way sets safe boundaries for comfort spenders - electronic spreadsheet available to download for participants.
  5. Completing the day with 'be-hab' techiques to boost well being. 

Materials provided: Training materials

Optional Materials: Money Mindfulness Kit and Book


Why Are These Proving to be So Beneficial? 

The secret to success for the participants is to almost instantly feel at ease in this authentic, relaxed and people orientated environment.  No one is given advice, or told what to do, or is ever judged or criticized.  Staff come together to learn the Money Mindfulness bespoke habit building approach that they are then able to apply in their day to day, so better habits continue to grow after long leaving the course.  Ann often returns to interview participants 6 months to a year after they attend the course.  Closed social media groups are also offered for continued support.  Working in groups is empowering as the participants can continue to be accountable to each, like weight watchers with money at work.  


Where are they held?

UK based for the public, corporate organisations and community groups. Travel, time and any accommodation costs need to be covered. 



Vary depending on the number of people attending, venue, dates and location



Financial Workplace Education

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"Ann Carver has valuble experience of what it is like to worry about shopping and spending too much. She also has interesting ideas about how we can control our spending impulses. Improving public understanding is Ann's starting point"                              _ Simon Crine Director Mental Health Policy Institute
Case Study
Before the course
Nothing would change. Being out of control. Anxious. Fearful of the future.
I have the power to help myself. The course massively helped. I keep all my receipts, I budget actively, I save first, I think before I spend and stick to my red dot budget. I respect my hard earned money. I am dealing with my issues. _Anon
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